June 30, 2011

Gonna Fly Now

Postie has signed me up to do a Quarter Marathon in Kinloch, near Taupo. I feel like such a dick saying 'quarter marathon'. It's really just a 10km with 500m added on. I have until September 3 to whip this lardy butt and lazy legs into shape. I've been off the running wagon for months, and chosen perhaps the toughest part of the year - freezing southerlies, dark nights, overwhelming urge to hibernate - to get back on it. But then, come spring I shall be fit and fab and ready to take on a half marathon in the summer.
I do a 4km loop from my place, up a big hill (there is walking involved) and round past the college to the shopping centre. Then I turn around and do it in reverse. I look a bit like Rocky when I'm out there - hoodie, gloves, trackpants. Sometimes when I get to the top of a hill I raise my arms in celebration, and hear the Eye of The Tiger in my head. The whole thing takes me about 45 minutes, then I come home, rip through the pantry looking for chocolate, lay gasping for breath on the couch, and let the endorphins pulse through me.

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Ange said...

as I sit here, gazing at you as you digest that packet of mallow puffs, I can't help but wonder ... what the ??