June 29, 2011

A kitchen miracle

It used to look like this:But now it looks like this:

However, along the way, it looked like this:
I was going to wait until all the little jobs had been done, the floors sanded, the cute things arranged neatly etc, before taking pics. But no-one's kitchen really looks like Home and Garden, do they?
PS I burnt the porridge while I faffed around taking this picture.


Mel Archer said...

I like! How are you finding the knife magnet thingi on the wall with H?

the bram said...

Nice cupboard doors man. How is H the knife magnet?

Mum said...

You burnt the porrige. Who cleaned the pot? Who decided the ultimate fate of the pot? Love you guys, Mum xo xo xo

Susie said...

oh it looks so cute! I really like it.

The KitchenMaid said...

I have severe kitchen envy. And my porridge is burning!