October 05, 2011

Wish list

I've been having an unintentional break from reading fiction. I usually read on the train or before I go to sleep, but because the Postie goes to sleep so much earlier than I, I'm loathe to keep him awake with my lamp and noisy page turning. And when I'm on the train, I've taken to staring out the window in a daze rather than concentrate on a book. Frankly, there just hasn't been much fiction that I've been desperate to read. All my reading lately has been about gardening or running or chicken keeping. I really enjoyed Nightwoods by Charles Frazier that I read to prepare for an interview with him, but I had to force myself to pick it up.
My love of fiction is coming back though. I went to the library to have a look and see what took my fancy, but I should have prepared by thinking about what I wanted to read. There seemed to be nothing on the shelves but chick lit and Dickens. But eventually I found Louis de Bernieres' A Partisan's Daughter. I adore LdB. I've read Captain Corelli's Mandolin, the amazing Birds Without Wings, the one about Senor someone and the Coca Lord (which was actually kinda average), but my favourite would have to be Notwithstanding, a collection of short stories set in a small Home Counties village in England.

I had a look at Michiko Kakutani's top 10 books from last year the other day, and was inspired by some of her choices. So I'm going to keep a wish list of books to work my way through, so I'm not stuck in the library next time.

1. Jonathon Franzen: Freedom

2. Zachary Mason: The Lost Books of the Odyssey

3. Charles Frazier: Thirteen Moons

4. Albert Brooks: 2030

5. Anne Enright: The Gathering

What books are on your wish list?


Lauren said...

Not sure if my last comment about Freedom got lost in cyberspace, but it's probably worth booking - I did, and still had to wait a couple of months for it. I really enjoyed it though.

Susie said...

I just read Irma Voth by Miriam Toews and now her other books are on my wish list. I've got Freedom and The Gathering should you want to borrow them.