December 21, 2011


This is my potato patch. On the left, five jersey benne plants. On the right, five agria plants. I planted seed potatoes in September with lots of seaweed and some wood ash. The yellow flowers are just some chysanthemums that grow like weeds all over the place.
In NZ, jersey bennes are the traditional boiling spud of Christmas, though I don't reckon it's Christmas without roast potatoes. However, I thought it would be fun to try growing them just because I could. We're off to Auckland for Christmas so I thought now would be a good time to harvest the jersey bennes and eat them before we leave. My trusty assistant was on hand with a trowel.

And what do you know? A spud!

They kept coming out of the ground like pearls in the soil. Like finding more Christmas presents under the tree.
In the end we harvested just over 3kg of spuds. The most one plant had was nine potatoes.

I'm so used to having leeks that look like spring onions, lettuces that bolt, tomatoes that never ripen and carrots that look like baby fingers that this haul of treasure has me absolutely stoked.


che tibby said...


you're at least 3kg ahead of my spud patch...

Special K said...

it was the wood ash that did it! thanks for being my supplier. Agrias also did well - five plants gave us about 1kg each.