January 20, 2012

2012: the year of spending bugger all

2012 promises to be one full of challenges. This is because the Postie is training to be a primary school teacher. He starts next week. Firstly, he will be combining 40 hours of online study with his job as a postie. He'll be heading off to work at 6.30am as per usual, then coming home and studying, then picking up H from kindy and being dad for a bit, until I get home. Then he'll be back to the books. This means I will see P for approximately 0.05 minutes a day.
Secondly, there are the 14 weeks of section, or teaching practice in the classroom, to manage. P won't be able to work his usual job in this time, so we'll be down to one income. I earn enough to cover the mortgage and kindy and most food, but rates, doctors and dentists, fun and emergencies? We'll be squirrelling away some money in the other weeks to pay for that.
In order to survive this year, I have a couple of strategies up my sleeve. We already live pretty frugally, so my number one strategy is to remove the temptation to spend money on anything. I will be abandoning all blogs that feature homes being done up, fashion, new restaurants, recipes using salmon fillets or blue cheese, things for sale. I will not be looking at the 'Home' pages in Your Weekend, the magazine I write for. I will be growing as much of my own food as I can, which probably means we'll be living on weeds all year. I imagine we'll be eating a lot less meat, and I might try my hand at making mozzarella so we can indulge with homemade pizza more often. I will be boycotting any conversations that involve new cars, weddings, new anything. If my eyes glaze over when you tell me you're heading to Rarotonga or putting in a new kitchen, don't take it personally.
I interviewed some nuns a few years ago about their lives, and they don't have terribly much money to go round. One talked dreamily about the few times she allows herself to wander down Lambton Quay and window shop. I imagine in 2012 I will be a bit like that, keeping the blinkers on and staying on a narrow, well worn path. Hopefully a path I can run on, because paying for jogsquad is out of the question. I will be focussing on finishing all those projects I have started - the hedge, the berry bed, knitting projects, putting up a map on Harper's wall I had framed a gzillion years ago - and entering 2013 with a feeling that anything is possible. It will be a new era for all of us; Postie will be a teacher, Harper will be starting school and I will be in my 40s.
That's if the world doesn't blow up on 21/12/12. That'd piss me off big time.
Do you have any suggestions for making our year of spending bugger all more bearable/easier?

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helen said...

Selling stuff on trademe to make extra pingers? That's what I'm planning to do this year. x H