January 13, 2012

We are now vampire proof

My trusty assistant was on hand to harvest our 14 bulbs of garlic. They've been in the ground since the shortest day, June 21, and according to garden lore, should be harvested on the longest day, December 21. I decided to leave them in the ground a touch longer, until the first leaves started to die off. I dug them up with my new garden fork which melts the soil like butter. Oh, the bliss of a new garden fork.

I also have shallots in there, and I've left them in a bit longer to get bigger and fatter. H got a bit excited though, and pulled one out.

The next step is leaving them to dry. If we could be assured of a couple of days of sunshine, I would have left them out on the soil, but we're enduring some four-seasons-in-oneday weather, so they are tied up in the shed to dry off. I can't wait to plat them and hang them in my kitchen. This is definitely a crop I will grow again next year.


Birthday NYC said...

Ha! This blog post reminded me of my mom's struggles with her tomatoes when I was growing up. We had to worry about deer, wind, rain, drought, and any number of other factors, and it was the topic of many conversations.

Reading your blog made me regret living in New York City, and also made me long for a garden to plant.
Good luck in the future with your green thumb!

Special K said...

Yes, we are lucky we don't have 'wildlife' to deal with - though I'm told birds might get a bit excited when they start ripening - if they ever ripen.
Thanks for your comment!