February 14, 2012

Lovey dove

Remember that movie Love Actually, in which the premise was that Love, actually, is all around us, just like the Troggs song says. The filmmakers chose to illustrate this by showing people greeting loved ones at airports. It showed love at its least self-conscious. Today, Valentine's Day, is all about showing love. I saw women walking purposefully with bunches of flowers, I saw men walking purposefully with boutique chocolates. It occurred to me some time ago that love doesn't have to come in the form of a card, or a bunch of flowers, or a hug at the airport. It's in the way Iris clutched my arm and gave me the banana muffin she hadn't had time to eat this morning. It's Joe smoothing aloe vera into my sunburn (that's a whole other post) trying diligently not to hurt me, it's running with women I've only just met in the breathless evening on the waterfront and congratulating each other at the end. Love is the bus driver waiting while you totter across the road in the rain and high heels. It is indeed all around us.
Happy Valentine's Day everyone.

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