February 06, 2012

What a happy birthday looks like

H kicked off his 4th birthday with a present treasure hunt. His presents were all over the house with picture clues as to the location of the next present. 
I spent hours whipping up all sorts of kiwiana-style party treats. My first attempt at Rice Bubble Slice was not very successful. Lucky that onion dip is impossible to mess up.
The traditional Aunty Ange cake went down a treat. H couldn't decide what to wish for, and the letters on the candles were unreadable by the time he blew them out.
I had no idea H was so popular with the ladies.


Susie said...

looks and sounds like a lovely birthday and a top shelf snack table.

the bram said...

And Susie is New Zealand's national expert on snack tables.

Anonymous said...

Well done Harper - looks like an awesome party was had by all!
Still can't believe the amount of winter looking bedding for Feb in Welly-vegas...sure it's not northern hemisphere ?
Aunty E x

Nomadic Emma said...

Happy birthday Harper x

I now have a serious onion dip craving.