July 29, 2005

A to Q on just a tenner

I've been selected by the highly scientific method of a coin toss to represent the Waikato Times on the Accor $10 race from Auckland to Queenstown. This is a charity event in which 40 contestants travel from Auckland to Queenstown doing challenges along the way, with only $10 in our pockets for the full three days it should take. I have to raise $2,500 for the Cure Kids charity to even go in the race, so am appealing big time for donations and for ideas for fundraising. So far fundraising ideas include:
- theme party
- exploiting my connection with Chloe (gorgeous, but unwell, 5 year old)
- putting on a concert of local musos
- begging
- going down the wharves
- armed hold-up
- taking a hostage
The race is in October, and I need to raise $1000 before August 15. So stop drinking coffee, and get your donations to moi. I am going to set up a fundraising website so people can donate online, and with Lisa Robson, fundraiser extraordinaire helping me, I'll only need to take a few dozen hostages, or charge 50 cents a go down the wharves.

Sneak a peek at www.fundraiseonline.co.nz/kimberleyrothwell


Tina Barton said...

Yay Kimberley! Go you good thing. That's awesome - good luck!

eXtreme Sports said...

Wow, I really dig your blog man. It's so cool your into sports like that. I wish I had the guts to do the same. I dared to make a website about it: eXtreme Sports, Greetz Xtreme!

Anonymous said...

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