August 22, 2005

Team Rothwell and the Sticky Fingers

Now that I know how to put pictures on my blog, be prepared for a gallery of ghastly grimaces ...

This is me (the girl in front), a sausage (the brown thing), Justine (far left) and Lucy (middle) at a sausage sizzle at the Warehouse in Cambridge a few Fridays ago. We're wearing Waikato shirts because it was the first game of the NPC that night, between Waikato and some other team. We raised an astoundingly bad $95 that night, which was pants.

Anyhoo, I am close to my final goal - $2,500 - so I have changed it to $3,000 just to keep myself going. I have another month of fundraising, so am going to go for gold.

As I have become a little famous (or is that infamous) around the Waikato Times for my fundraising, I feature in some of the messages bandied between workmates. One described me and my helpers as Team Rothwell, another called me Sticky Fingers Rothwell, so I have named our team Team Rothwell and the Sticky Fingers. Sounds like a band of rebels or something. Could also rename it Team Rothwell and the Sizzled Sausages, but that's quite hard to say. And nobody wants to be called a sausage.

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