November 10, 2005

Breaking news

I can see the headlines- girl with sequinned cardigan ignores search area. This very red girl is me, in the Taranaki Rescue helicopter on Sunday scouring the bush for a missing helicopter. I think I was writing my intro when this was taken by the sneaky crewman. It was pretty amazing going in the chopper, and the dudes were really nice, even gave me a sandwich when he landed on some beach to re-fuel.


Eric said...

Looking good!!! I'd watch you on the news. Unfortunately we don't get the BBC in South Dakota.


As above said...

Or Sydney. But am sure your piece was earnest and thought-provoking, in the good way. Did things eventually have a happy ending?

Kimberley said...

No, it turned out badly. After two weeks of searching, the bodies were found in a patch of scrub in open farmland. Wrote a story that upset everybody, and got a bit of flack for reporting "bad news". Them's the breaks.