November 04, 2005

J'aime mon chat

Is it wrong to want to get home at the end of the day so you can be with your cat? Is it wrong to cuddle your cat in bed like it's a boyfriend replacement? Or stroll around pet shops looking for treats he might like? Am I the saddest woman who ever walked the earth?

Actually, no. If I were truly sad, Charlie would have his owqn blog, not just me raving about him in mine.

Anyway, some things about Charlie:
1. He's afraid of the cat flap
2. He doesn't have nads, but his scrotum is massive
3. He was found by the SPCA who named him Charlie
4. He likes Whiskas beef and vege casserole and NOTHING else unless it's from a human plate
5. His prowess at chasing toes and the strings on my bikini top is legendary
6. He likes to sleep on the pillow next to me, on clean washing, or on my feet
7. He answers to Charlie, c'mere, and hey you
8. He has a red name tag on a black collar
9. The vet says he is about a year old, maybe two years old
10. He has actually gotten in the shower with me on several occassions, and likes to drink bathwater

1 comment:

Joanna said...

One of my most favouritest times of the day is when my hairy son (not boyfriend) crawls up to lie in my left armpit as soon as I get into bed. And I'm young and hip, so it's totally officially okay for people like us to write about our cats as such. So there.