December 21, 2005

If we took a holiday ..

I'm thinking of titling all my posts after songs from now on. That should last .. three days maybe? Prizes go to people who guess the song and artist, bonus points for guessing when it was released and what album it's from. Any takers on this title?
Anyway, today is Last Day of Work Before Holiday. That make Kimpy happy. Kimpy like sleep in morning.
This morning was fairly typical- excruitiating. It goes a little something like this:

5am - Charlie, who has been sleeping all night and day with brief spurts of extreme cuteness just before bed time, wakes up. Proceeds to pounce on non-moving creases in the duvet cover, my hair, face, bare back if I turn away from him. Makes little noises that could be translated as I'm bored, play with me. Where's breakfast? etc. High decibel purring.

6am - Alarm goes off. However, am already awake, see above. Bladder very full but fails to outweigh last nagging thoughts that there maybe a few seconds more sleep left to be had.

6.15am - Out of bed and into shower without opening eyes. Pour water on self, shampoo, rinse, do rest of sleep-deprived body, cry with tiredness.

6.30am - Greet perky flatmate. Make cup of tea in desperate hope it has cocaine in it. Beat Charlie off with a stick as he tries to eat jellimeat out of the packet as I feed him. Be ignored by Charlie if he likes that particular flavour, or have Charlie climb my leg in starvation if it's a cheaper brand than he can be bothered eating.

7am - Get in car. Listen to the end of the soporphic financial update on Morning Report, hear bird song, which signals I am late for work. Dodge enormous trucks at Burger King roundabout. Just close eyes and drive.

7.10am - 9am Stare at computer screen. Drink 18 more cups of tea. Avoid eye contact with chief reporter.

So on Friday morning, when it's 7am and I am still wallowing in bed, I will be very happy indeed.

Things I am going to do over the break:
1. Ride my bike over the Rahu saddle
2. Read the Journalist and the Murderer
3. Finish Chloe's christmas stocking
4. Go to the Reefton New Year's Eve races and eat a hotdog on a stick with sauce
5. Drink at the Inangahua Tavern where the red carpet is

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