February 14, 2006

All is quiet on Valentine's Day

Or, why Valentine's Day sucks
a short list by Special K

1. When you're in a relationship, it's quite uncool to expect some fuss on Valentine's Day, because then you're one of those women that husbands/boyfriends etc roll their eyes about when rushing to the Warehouse to buy roses the night before. It's also not cool to expect anything on Valentine's Day because you're bound to be dissappointed by those husbands/boyfriends who say things like "I don't need a special reason to tell my honey I love her" but never do anything special at any other time anyway. But with the amount of advertising and crap in the media about V Day it's difficult for us girls raised on fairy tale endings not to want at least a card in the mail.

2. When you're not in a relationship, there's nothing worse than one of your workmates getting flowers delivered at work, or your flatmate getting chocolates and a poem (as happened today), when all you have for Valentine's Day is getting perved at in the shower by your cat. No, actually, worse is getting asked by your dentist what you are doing for Valentine's Evening. Or listening to the smug marrieds talk about the romantic nights they are having ...

3. So you're damned if you're in a relationship, and you're damned if you aren't. Much easier to be in Cambodia where there is no such thing as the Valentine's Day Hell, and let it just pass by unnoticed.

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