April 15, 2006

I'm gonna leave old Hamil-tron

(If you can guess the song title, you get 300,000,000 million points)

Things I will miss about the Waikato
1. Cows and new calves
2. Cold, fresh, still mornings
3. Don and Carolyn the neighbours, who gave me updates on Charlie's hijinks
4. Driving over the river
5. Walking into work 15 minutes late
6. Roast ham at the caff on Friday nights
7. Hash browns and scrambled eggs from the caff
8. Tracey's sarcasm
9. Ye-yah
10. Reading Sideswipe and doing the Herald's sudoko just after deadline
11. Autumn colours
12. Driving the little yellow Times cars all over the countryside
13. Sunsets over a big wide sky
14. Ngaruawahia and Taupiri


DAV said...

Roger Whittaker?

Kimberley said...

you are amazing ...