June 18, 2006

Two months, two resignations

So I got the job at NZPA, gave my notice, packed up my house, stuck the cat in a cage, drove for hours and hours to Wellington. Got here, let the cat out of the cage, listened to him moan and whine about not being let outside, chased him through people's backyards when he tried to get back to Hamilton etc.

Came to work at NZPA, and was wrestling with being the new girl, learning people's names, learning a new system, doing stories from court, parliament, the un-ending stream of press releases, and then the completely unexpected happened.

The Dominion Post called. There's a job going they want me for. In the features department.

``How long have you been at NZPA?'' they ask.

`` Three days.''

``Oh, that's bad timing isn't it?''

``Yes, quite.''

But because this is the job I've been wanting since 2004, when I worked in the features department as a student, I leapt at the chance, had an interview, and got the job. I even wore my good shoes to the interview.

So for the second time in two months, having been at NZPA for only three weeks, I resigned.

Dompost features department here I come. I just hope The Guardian doesn't phone me in the first week.


Craigy.D said...

I'd heard that you'd got the Dominion Posts Features job. Brilliant! Congratulations yet again!

DAV said...

I hope The Guardian does phone!

Tina Barton said...

Well done Kimberley! Tane told me you had good news. Look forward to reading your features online if possible.