December 29, 2006

Bureau of Miscellaneous Information

The genius BBC website that tells me almost everything about anything I want to know, and is complete genius, now brings us this - things we didn't know last year. I have selected a top five things I didn't know last year that I now know, and will be bringing up in conversation as much as possible for the next year.

1. Most condoms are too big for Indian men.
2. The lion costume in the Wizard of Oz is made of real lion pelts, which have been sewn together to form the outfit.
3. The suntan was 'invented' by Coco Chanel, who, while cruising near Cannes in 1923, got sunburned.
4. In Bhutan, government policy is based on gross national happiness. Tobacco, outdoor advertising and plastic bags have been banned.
5. Nelson Mandela used beer to lure and steal pigs when he was a child.

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