December 29, 2006

A sparrow is born

I have finally decided after much discussion, umming and erring, etc, that the name of my jewellery biz will be Sparrow. I have ditched Church of Craft, Ivy Melba, Starling, and my favourite, Heirloom.

Even though there is a saddler's, a construction co in Waikanae and a clothing store in Ashburton with the same name (though I suspect they are named after the surname of the owners) I think Sparrow is a choice name. They're lovely little birds, much underrated, much nicer than pigeons, and if I sell as many pieces as times I've been told I 'eat like a sparrow', I shall be very successful indeed.


melissa said...

such a lovely name. I can't wait to see some Sparrow Stock.
Happy New Year, Special K x

Anonymous said...

i can confirm that the Sparrows in Ashvegas is named after the owners. Or at least the formers's been around for decades.