January 17, 2007


Apparently it was recently international de-lurking week for bloggers - it's a week when readers of blogs are invited to step out from behind the glowing blue screens of their computers and make themselves known to the other members of that blog's community. I don't know if I have a 'community' but I'm trying ...
Anyway, this is the only pic I could find of me that isn't already on Special K, it's me with Leo on the front lawn at Mortimer Terrace when we had a brunch there. Leo is now almost walking, crawling like speedy gonzales and has six teeth. I was getting over the bug that had me off work for two weeks, and hadn't washed my hair in many days.
So, anyone out there reading this - please post a comment so I can see if people really do read this thing, or if it's just me ... tell me what your middle name(s) is/are, what your favourite birthday has been, where you would have a house if you could only have one, and what books/films make you cry... and anything else you think is kooky. My middle name is Jane, my favourite birthday was in Paris (29) where I ate steak and frites for dinner followed by creme brule. I would own a house in New York on Central Park. Magaret Atwood's Blind Assasin made me cry, as did The Colour Purple. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind had me in torrents of tears, but was nothing compared to the final episode of Six Feet Under.


Joanna said...

My middle name is Tiare, my favourite birthday was when I was 10 and I had a pirate party on the Eastbourne ferry (I had to think about this one for a while and rule out 23, 22, 25 and 26 for various reasons). I also cry at The Blind Assassin, Blindness and Maggie O'Farrell books, and Last of the Mohicans, In My Father's Den and It's a Wonderful Life always make me weep. As does many episodes of Buffy.

melissa said...

hi i'm melissa and i love reading your blog. lovely photo of you and leo above.
i think my best birthday was when i turned 15 and had a 'jane austen party'- lots of friends in pretty dresses, croquet and cucumber sandwiches on the lawn, but then the party ended by my younger brother offering us 'rides' on dad's farm motorbike with attached calf-trailer, and splattering us all with cow-muck from head to the hems of our beautiful frocks.
i just watched a documentary 'darwin's nightmare' which made me cry so much tom turned it off before the end... many different books and movies also have this effect, depending on my mood.

Anonymous said...

My Middle name is Jane (snap).

My favourite birthday was my 31st when 5 of us took acid and walked up Falls River in the Abel Tasman.

The first book that made me cry was Rotten Fred and Ratsguts, i can't even remember what was sad in it, but I remember crying. Since then I cry in virtually every movie I go to, not many books anymore, that must be due to reading sooo much sad/awful stuff in the EVIL media every day.

I think my flatmates are kooky.

Tane Aikman said...

My name's Tane, my middle names are Alan and Jack (from my dear departed grandfathers) and my favourite birthday was my 22nd, when my flatmates conspired to drown me in shots and get me really, really drunk for the first time.

The first book that ever made me cry was The Second Jungle Book, when Bagheera says goodbye to Mowgli. The first movie was Once Were Warriors.

Kimberlee + Lies said...

Leo looks as though he is conducting a great opera in that photo! :)

hmm Many books have made me cry. when I was younger The education of Little Tree (a story of Cherokee boyhood), Where the Red Fern Grows, Number the Stars. More recently: The Brothers K (David James Duncan) Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close (jonathan Saffron Foer), the list could go on.
Oddly enough I don't cry much in movies. The final scene in Coffee and Cigarettes(directed by Jim Jarmussch) really moved me and still does when I think back on it.

I hope you had fun weekend up in Auckland!

Lauren Keenan said...

Lauren here - my middle name is Meredith, and my best birthday is a tie between my 8th (when I got a pink bike) and my 25th (when my Mum flew down from Auckland to surprise me).

I am way more likely to cry in movies than books, but the first book to make me cry was Anne of Green Gables when Matt died. So sad.

rhiannon said...

Hi, I'm Rhiannon (and I'm a little late.. sorry!). My middle name is Irene, my favourite birthday was spent in Nelson and it was my favourite because I was given a cd full of songs written about me, and it was beautiful. Lately I've been dreaming of a huge big house in Helsinki. I want it to be filled with beautiful things and big enough to house everyone I love.
I cry at nearly every single movie I see, and over nearly every single book I read. I also cry watching television programs (think extreme makeover house edition, or anything when anyone dies..) and the other day I cried over an ad! I'm a pretty emotional person! (Emo kid! ha!)
I'm really, really looking fwd to craft 2.0 I could do with a holiday, and especially if it means seeing/meeting beautiful people like yourself!