January 17, 2007

Over hill, over dale, through the mud and in the hail

Yesterday I started "training" for the Oxfam Trailwalker that me, Ange, Neil and Matt are doing in mid-April. We're the Mortimer Terrace Posse. The challenge involves walking 100km around a course near Taupo consisting mainly of open farmland, in under 36 hours. The average time it takes a team to complete it is 28 hours. I walked up Brooklyn Hill, Washington Ave, and down Connaught Terrace to my house. Some of the houses in C Terrace have an even better view that Mortimer Terrace, you can see right down into Te Aro and beyond to the waterfront. You can watch the cricket at the Basin, or fireworks from the stadium. Superb. It took less than an hour to get home, so was well pleased. This morning, I got up at ... 7am (that's two hours before work, which is unheard of for a Kimberley) had breakfast (also a new thing) and walked to work via Mt Cook. I have a wee blister forming on my heel. I imagine by April my feet will be hard like rocks.

I think I may have taken on too much this year. What with training for the walk, raising the $5000 we said we'd raise for Oxfam, starting a jewellery business, being Aunty Kimpy one day a week, learning the guitar, going back to the Alliance Francaise to continue my French study, training to tutor refugees in English, and my work commitment with possible overseas trips if I get a grant, I think something's going to have to give. Just don't know what yet.

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