January 26, 2007

Sween in green

I wanted to get some pics of my flat at Mortimer Terrace before I packed it up and left, but spent most of my time photographing the Sween in his tiny happy 'muscle' shirt. Check out the shoulders on him. This little singlet, hand screenpainted might I add, was sent by the wonderful Melissa, who sent this and a t-shirt the same colour with little hearts on it and my coin purse (which has replaced the famous wallet) that she made with some lovely bird-covered fabric. So choice.
I think these three shots really show Sween's vast range of emotions; Bliss, Super Bliss and Amazement.
We're so lucky to have him.


Tom said...

Cute photos Kimbo - Sween is going to make the ladies swoon in his muscle shirt.
I've added a comment to your 4th Jan posting.. and also I've found my old blogspot (I remember you asking me about it) and dusted it off... the link is www.still-happy.blogspot.com

Kimberlee + Lies said...

oh you got a robot comment, you must be popular!
What a great little singlet top, shows off those muscles quite nicely. when are we going to see more of what you make? i'm itching to see!

melissa said...

oh, he is so beautiful! when i see you 'in real life' I'll give you the next size up for him.
there's just something about that little smile...