February 01, 2007

Her diary will change my life

Chris and I are making diaries for each other for next year, loosely based on the concept of This Diary Will Change Your Life. I love these books - the design, originality, the silliness - but thought I would make my own. Every day has a theme, like Eat Only Cheese Day, or Irritate Charlie Day. So Chris is making one for me, and when I got home last night she was on the red couch making a list (I love lists) that she said I would really love, and when I get up to that day in the diary, I will KNOW that it was THAT list. So far, my diary for her involves a baby we all know and love, blackheads, Girl Guide badges, and an AA meeting. Can't say anymore, it's very hush hush.

And another thing, after a lovely yoga session last night with Nat and Monique, I feel taller. I saw my body in the bathroom mirror this morning and I look HOT. Hot, I tell you! Where has my puku gone? Who knew that eating better (or at all), walking everywhere and doing yoga could possibly be beneficial to the way you look?

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