February 19, 2007

One day when I was swimming in the Mekong River

February 2005: Janna and Kimpy have a cheese off before ...
Janna realises Kimpy is the most beautiful woman in the world and can't stop looking at her. Amy just smiles like it's 1999.

Cleaning out old emails from my yahoo account, I came across these little precious things - pics of me, Amy and Janna the day we went to Silk Island and swam in the Mekong. Of course, being girls we had to cover up. By wearing skirts up to our armpits. Pretty racy, huh? I made mine fill up with air like a balloon when I lay back in the water. Later in the day, a crazy silk seller platted my hair, we went to a house where some women were weaving and I played with some very sickly kittens, and we ate cat's milk icecreams on the boat back to Phnom Penh.


Kimberlee + Lies said...

what bathing beauties :)

Helen said...

What fabulous adventures you've had!

Where else have you been?


aka Special K said...

Actually, the icecreams were coconut, not cat's milk, but after seeing a mother cat who was as fat as a ballpoint pen being drained of all life by her litter of scrawny kittens that afternoon we were joking the icecreams were made of cat's milk. Ahem.

kates said...

cool you all look so happy