February 07, 2007

Pretty things

Thought it was time y'all saw some of the things I make. I haven't photographed anything I've made recently (these were taken back when I still lived in Hamilton) but are some of my favourites. You can see I'm particularly into pink and red. The two middle necklaces (the green and red, and the one below it) are multi-stringed, the others are long single strings.


Melissa said...

pretty, pretty!
i love those earrings especially. i'll be shopping at sparrow and tui for sure!

Joanna said...

Oooh purty!

If you're not off walking somewhere, the next Country Club is an Australian BBQ on Feb 24 and you would be most welcome.

Augustus Firestone said...

Love them and the colours.


kates said...

Hey, thanks for your comment on the waitangi post. Up here it's hardly ever windy. It's hot and humid and when it's windy it's so refreshing and uplifting. When I lived in Wellington I found the wind quite hard after a while.
My job... well I's a journalist too doing some freelance writing but my main job is working in post production and research for RSVP on a show called Attitude tv, a show about people with disabilities. I am growing to love it more each day. It can be quite refreshing

Kimberlee + Lies said...

It great to see the things you make, I was getting mighty curious! I could write sonnets about the beauty of pink and red.

Helen said...

Geee-ooorgeouus! I love your sense of colour. These are good enough to eat.

Thanks for your nice email/comment the other day. By all means add me to your bloglines - totally cool.

& I'll see you at Craft 2.0! How cool! + if you want to do some swappages - I'm up for it. *wink*

xx Helen

Helen said...

Yikes - when I said this the other day:

"Thanks for your nice email/comment the other day. By all means add me to your bloglines - totally cool."

Did you think I was insane/pushy/deluded???

Sorry - I got you and Kimberlee from Anenome mixed up and that was a reply to something she asked.

*blushing like crazy*

xx Helen