February 07, 2007

Summer lovin'

L-R: Ange, me, Nat, Matt, Becc on Mt Vic, Waitangi Day
Us lucky folk in Wellington have had four straight days of windless, sunny, warm evening-ed weather. It's been unbelievable. Saturday, went with Chris and Yasmine to Te Horo and hung out, ate good food, made a sand blob, talked about pus with our hosts Chrissy and Caroline, and had a lovely dinner for Chris' birthday back at our place. Sunday, did the Skyline Walk with Neil. We didn't talk about pus. Monday, rode my bike to work in my jandals and rode home again in jandals with only one stop on Hutchinson Road to put my lungs back into my chest. Went to Ange's for her birthday bbq where there were, at one stage, four babies at various stages of development - from walking (Bela) to unstoppable grinning (Leo) to just getting the hang of crawling and solids (Sweeney). Tuesday, went for 10km walk with Ange, Neil, Matt, Nat and Becc from Mt Albert to Mt Vic and back again. Then off to Eastbourne for a well-deserved meal and a gawk at more semi-naked teenagers getting skin cancer than I have ever seen in one place. Went to bed around seven cos I was knackered.

Today is also another brilliantly sunny still day. I walked to work with Pavement in my ears, imagining myself looking like a total rock goddess in front of 40,000 people adoring every note I pluckled. Must pratice guitar tonight.

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Jane Nye said...

Dear Kimberly,
I agree, having consecutive days of sunshine almost reminds me of Phnom Penh. The mornings are glorious, aren't they? Do you think it's warm enough for a swim in the sea?
I've changed email address.