April 19, 2007

26 weird hours in the life of Kimberley Rothwell

At five minutes to six on Saturday morning, the entire team is smiling. L-R Beccy-boo, Natalie, Matty J, Kimpy, Baggott, Joe

Nearly six hours and 28kms later we're at checkpoint two. Note Kimpy's glazed but content expression as she clasps a hot cup of tea

Early afternoon, Joe deals to his feet 10km down the line at checkpoint three

Midnight. Just before the second to last leg where I stopped feeling so shiny. Before then, I could be heard saying things like "I feel fantastic" and "We're so lucky it's not raining." Afterwards, I could be heard saying "If I ever say I'm going to do some fundraising again, shoot me."

7.45 am Sunday morning. Back at the apartment in Taupo just before I had a shower and crashed out for a few hours. Feeling pretty chuffed.

1 comment:

Randominanity said...

I still say you're all nuts.

Kudos for doing it though. I would have bailed and been skiving off to the pub after 15 km ... or less.