April 25, 2007

Roll up, roll up, get your tickets here

Many, many thanks to all those who have donated goodies to the Great Oxfam Craft Raffle to help us get towards the $5000 we promised Oxfam we would raise for them. I'm sending out copies of the flyer above and tickets to various people in the next few days. There are two prizes - one for babies and one for grown ups, both worth $100s but lucky for me under the $500 limit before the raffle is officially called "gambling" and requiring fancy schmancy printed tickets etc.

If you want to buy tickets, let me know - if you're in Wellington we can meet on a dodgy street corner somewhere. If you're not in Wellington, we'll sort something out. Yes, even you Aucklanders can get a slice of this action.

There are other ways to help us reach our goal - if you buy something through the Oxfam Unwrapped website and quote our team number OTW07_413 (Mortimer Terrace Posse) we get a $20 credit to our fundraising total. Also, if you want to set up a regular donation to Oxfam and quote our team number we can a whopping $250 credit. Or if you are completely nuts and want to get black toenails for a laugh, you could sign up to next year's Trailwalker, quote our team number and we get a $250 credit.

We have until June 15 to raise the remaining $2000, and if we don't, I imagine Oxfam will be sending the boys round to knee-cap us all.


Kates said...

Hey, I am most keen to get some tickets from the Auckland end of things!!! Thanks for your great comment, it's so nice to get long comments - I appreciate you reading my post.
Journo wise... I am working for a show called Attitude it screens on TVNZ and is for and about people with a disability. I have been getting offers from tv3 and tvnz recently - but am quite keen to see out my contract with Attitude. At the moment I am doing research and directing... I want to get into foreign correspondent type work... it's a bit of a tall order but hey, you've got to have dreams.

melissa said...

the poster looks great- i'll peddle tickets at the saturday market here for ya.
would it look bad if I won? hehe.

Joanna said...

How about we meet in a dark cafe somewhere and I can get tickets off you, give you zines (crap, I really must get going on finishing one!) and buy tickets?

kates said...

email me kates@actrix.co.nz to let me know how I can get tickets.

Anonymous said...

I admire what you do! Ur blog is the greatest, plently of good old sayings.
We have had differences but you are always Flo to me.
Sophie Lardon
2nd June Tok Cub?

Anonymous said...