April 30, 2007

The softest cheeks in the world belong to this person

Wee Shinelle Mbenguele. She's great. She's six months old. Her hair feels like a very very soft thing. And her cheeks are just outrageous. I wish the Mbengueles were down here so I could speak French with them and get really good at it. But they'd hate the weather here, and they have a pretty fancy Housing Corp spread at the moment, with a big double garage and all those luxuries we don't get here.


Here she is when she was still rather small with her mum Brigitte, and big sister Benichous.


Kimberlee + Lies said...

oh I know that softness. I used to work at a childcare centre and there was a baby girl who looked very simliar to this wee one. the hair feels like clouds... or the way I image clouds would feel if you could touch them.

melissa said...

so beautiful!
thanks for showing us. x