August 27, 2007

Craft 2.0

About time I posted about Craft 2.0. I shared a table with Jo Hubris whose zines had me blushing behind my earrings, and got to catch up witha few crafty types. And I must say, the wedges at the cafe there may take hours to come out of the kitchen, but they sure are tasty ...
Here's my stall:
Here's the cards I sold:

Here's some of my Sparrow & Tui glittering goodies:

I was also lucky enough to get these lovely things from Scrappers (rattle and bib) and Baibin (sweet bunny) for my bottom drawer to go with the jacket and hat Granny Bramwell made for Tiny. Thank you so much, ladies.


kimberlee & Lies said...

oh wow, your table looks great! well done. I have craft 2.0 envy, It always looks so wonderful, why don't they bring it to auckland? love that crocheted rabit!

hope you are doing well and are coping with the morning sickness okay. Ive heard it goes away if not after the first tri, then at least after the baby is born.

have a good week!

diana said...

I love your stuff! I especially love the jewelry and I collect Little Golden books.
Those necklaces are awesome.