August 24, 2007

Five for Friday

1. Tiny was extremely rambunctious this morning, and I am wondering if I am going to have an advanced baby, because according to all the books and everything, I'm not meant to be able to feel Tiny for another two weeks. Perhaps it's not Tiny at all, but one of raft of mysterious poppings in my abdominal area that just happen to feel like miniature feet nudging against my organs.

2. Going out with the Postie tonight to see Eagle vs Shark. Like a date. It'll be the first Friday night I've been out after work in months. Then I will be going home to watch Project Runway and imagine that I will be in bed by 9pm. Rock on.

3. I'm waiting for my sister to call and tell me her and Sweeney bambini are downstairs in the cafe. He's going to accompany me to coffee with Sue who is my translator for a story I am doing about The Cult of the Amateur. I haven't seen Sweeney since before going to Noosa, and miss his nerdy laugh. For one of his birthdays, I'm going to get him a pocket protector.

4. My colleague Bess, the lifestyle section editor, gave me a lipstick that came in from some PR company the other day, and though the applicator looks like a nipple shield, I adore it. It's a Maybelline something or other. I reapply often. Far more often than is necessary. My lips look GLOR-ious.

5. It occurred to me last night that when the Postie's sister gets married next year, we'll be parents. There'll be a family photo with Postie and Child. How freakin' weird.

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Kimberlee + Lies said...

woohoo! date night. I've heard that is a great film. hope you guys enjoy