August 01, 2007

No comment!

A few months ago, someone commented on a post of mine about my flatmate and journalist extraordinaire Chris Bramwell and the TV show she hosted called Nailed Sorted Exposed. I was incensed that someone should make a personal attack on a friend of mine on my blog, and I said so in my response to that person. After all it's my blog and my rules apply.

Anyhoo, one of my every-now-and-then reads is The Dirtsailor's Observations - a blog kept by a member of the US military who recently 'served' in Afghanistan. I enjoyed his honest posts about being in the military, about being sent home to the States and others' attitudes towards him. I didn't often agree with his world view (America was delcared war on on September 11 etc) and was interested to learn about people who hold that view. However, recently he posted something that really made my spine tingle with fear and stress, like reading about wee Nia Glassie in Starship hospital. I posted a comment with an opposing view to his, but comments on his blog only appear if he wants them to, and so far, it hasn't appeared.

So my comment goes unacknowledged - which is his right, it's his blog after all isn't it? But it's made me pretty sad. It's almost like he doesn't want to acknowledge a different point of view from his exists. And isn't this one of the problems that got us in the situation with climate change, Iraq etc, that the world finds itself in? Call me a liberal moron, but am I wrong about this?

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alisonmc said...

I must be a liberal moron too because I don't think you're wrong about it at all. I commented too but I still haven't seen it on his blog.