August 01, 2007

New week's resolutions

After homeperm, I am going to make weekly resolutions for myself to kick myself up the bum. I've been a lazy-assed blob of something since getting knocked up, but am feeling better, well, kinda of content with things anyway, so figured now was a good time for a new leaf ...

This week I will:
  • make the Postie a nice dinner and do all the dishes
  • pack for Noosa
  • do some more work on Sweeney's Christmas present
  • make thank you cards for a few lucky sots
  • meet all my deadlines without panicking
  • eat a proper breakfast not made up of crackers and tea
  • do some yoga
  • get my car warranted

How exciting is that? I live on the edge, man.


homeperm said...

you make your own cards? i want photos! stationery(including note cards) is my life. well, one aspect of my life at least.

canuck said...

I'll be checking to see you do all those things. You owe about 5 months of dishes ...

melissa said...

i'd also love to see your line of stationery. have a wonderful holiday! xx