August 14, 2007

This week I am mainly ...

For the second week (last week didn't count, I was on holiday) I am going to set myself some achievable goals to get things done. They may seem like piddling tasks to many of you, but morning sickness has had me incapacitated for anything but sleeping and dragging myself around in a hunched over shape for so long, I'm loathe to take on anything so gruelling as what normal people do. So, world, here are my tasks for this week:

  • do yoga
  • put a bunch of stuff on trade me in anticipation of moving house in a month or so
  • cull my wardrobe and bookshelves *sob* in order to do that
  • make some Sparrow & Tui stock for this weekend's Craft 2.0, get my packaging together
  • do something amazing with the fruit and pumpkin we got in the Wairarapa two weeks ago
  • write to the Postie's parents
  • finish my Noosa travel piece
  • finish my organics story
  • get up to date with bills, insurance claims, organise my life
  • clean out the car - the detritus from the last craft fair is still in there
  • babysit Sweeney on Saturday night
  • do some more work on Sween's Christmas present
  • visit my friend Rose who I haven't seen since I got back from Hamilton over a year ago
  • make something delicious for pot luck dinner on Sunday

It's all go. So exciting. Can't wait to do the bills. Really. It'll be SO fun.


Melissa said...

good luck with that list. that actually seems like quite a lot, to me. i wish i was going to craft 2.0. have fun!

p.s. are you now ridiculously tanned and healthy looking?

aka Special K said...

unfortunately for those who don't have sunglasses, I don't tan. We did a comparison on the beach and decided that my skin was whiter than the sand. See top picture below ... However, I do look like a normal healthy person after weeks of looking like a vampire while I was sick. The roses are back in my cheeks. Yey!

Kimberlee + Lies said...

yeah I agree that list is has a lot on it... I would be happy to accomplish half of that during the week.


Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Hello Special K! I've just found you on my blog stalking adventures. Looks like you are heading to my "daily reads" list.
Anyway, I'm big on this introducing my stalking self now. So hi.
P.S. I must just live the other side of the hill from you! I'm a Kilbirnie kid.
P.S. I'm not a "real" stalker. So the above comment will not mean that I am going to come and seek you out.
Must shoosh before I dig myself further into hole.