August 13, 2007

Noosa is awesome

Warm squeaky sand, hibiscus flowers on the surface of the pool, a kookaburra wake up call at 5.37am, the eternal fruitless scanning for koalas, whirring lorikeet wings, silent black flying foxes fleeing in their hundreds across the river to roost, continual surprise at the expanse of white belly protruding from my body, naked stocky men at a nudist beach staring aimlessly at the sand like cows in a field, the postie perfecting his surfing stance, brush turkeys pecking at our lunchbox, a growing collection of freckles on my legs, eating breakfast on the deck doing the sudoku in the paper, wearing jandals, kayaking through a swarm of stingrays, lying in the afternoon sun with a hat over my face, donut king, herons turning the gum trees white, kids playing aussie rules, an air conditioned corner dairy with a man who called me doll, swimming togs and towels drying on the deck, fresh pineapple for breakfast.


window said...

wow, sign me up!

glad you had such a fab time but you've made us all jealous:)


kimberlee said...

whoops that was me, accidentally posted under my husbands blog... you can check his blog out for interesting digital art info like robots that paint... I kid you not:)


Tane Aikman said...

Very nice - love the tummy pics, fatty