September 05, 2007

Fizzy lollies make the world go round

I think I'm having my first craving. I can't get enough of Fizzits - those tasty little sherbert lollies that kind of tingle on your tongue. They are SOOO good. The only place I have been able to find them are in the snack box that we keep in a filing cabinet drawer here on the fourth floor. I love them so much I left a note for the man that refills the snack box requesting more, and he left me FOUR glorious packets of Fizzits that I should have polished off by this afternoon. The packets are smaller than the one pictured, of course. I would never be that gluttonous. However, I am eating for two these days and my midwife did say I should keep my blood sugar levels up. Hee.

I lured the Bram into my room last night to feel Tiny's nightly can-can revue, but Tiny got all shy. So Bram, whose hands were several degrees below freezing by the way, tried to rouse Tiny by shouting 'Bay-beee!' at it. Tiny continued to be coy, until about two minutes after Bram had stomped back to her room.

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Kimberlee + Lies said...

I've never even heard of those lollies. I wish my midwife told me I had to keep my blood sugar levels up. but you need to be pregnant to get a midwife. humph!