September 04, 2007

Ok hot mamas and papas

I need some help. It's not glamourous, but these questions need to be asked. I'm in a nappy dilemma. It's not something I would thought I would EVER care about, but suddenly, as I am looking down the barrell of dealing with poos and wees for the next coupla years, the question of nappies has become all important.

Of course, being a white liberal right-on kind of girl (and skint) I'm going to use washable nappies. But which ones? I'm told the old fold-them-yourself nappies aren't as absorbent as disposables, and they look like such a hassle, but there's a whole load of cloth nappies out there with names like Funky Bunz and Eco-bots that are shaped and easy to put on and washable. Problem is, they're a bit of an investment to get started and I don't want to get ones that turn out to be duds.

What do you mamas and papas recommend?


Martha Craig said...

Yay! My expertise is finally being called upon. I used Kushies (Kooshies?) and Fuzzi Bunz - although almost died of embarrassment each time I had to say the name - Kushies were easy, but didn't last as long. I'd definitely recommend Fuzzis. Get them direct from the US, much cheaper.

rhiannon said...

I also used kushies and fuzzibunz, kushies I didn't enjoy much at all, Aesop was a pretty heavy wetter and sometime wouldn't last longer than an hour in each nappy, and they got very cold feeling when they were wet.
Fuzzibunz on the other hand have been so, so awesome. Expensive as heck but they last forever, come in so many cute bright colours are easy to wash and dry, and are pretty indistinguishable (spelling?) from disposables in most ways. I'm verrrrrrry much seconding the fuzzibunz.

Anonymous said...

although i am not a parent i would recommend fuzzibunz. my other parental friends have liked them and all the kids at the MFE child care seemed to wear them and i would say that government department kids would know the best nappies

Sue said...

and my lovely friend lianne built this web site whihc is brimming with organicy baby stuff

she built it becuase when she wanted it there was nothing on the net that answered all her questons

melissa said...

i never tried the fuzzibunz, but have heard they're really good. we were given a ginormous stack of traditional white nappies, and bought some 'weenies' ( - i think, plus lots of trademe) to go over them- and were really happy with those- one set lasted us both children. sometimes having the traditional nappies lying around is really useful when you have a new baby- they're multipurpose.
and they look nice on the washing line- which is, of course, very important. ;)

Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Ohhhh noooo you didn't!! You just asked about cloth nappies... that'll teach ya.

I used fuzzis primarily... but only from the time when I discovered Modern Cloth Nappies when Han was about 11 months and I'd recommend that system over any other.

BUT there are cheaper alternatives that are made in NZ. Like and and AND the cutest of the cute (but a bit pricey) are Ecobubs Wool Pockets at (Brilliant for night).

There are also things called hire kits which you can hire for 7ish weeks to get the hang of the different types of systems and brands... then make your purchasing decisions from there.

A pile of info is available at

Hrmmm... perhaps I should have emailed you? This might be all rather overwhelming. :S


Kimberlee + Lies said...


everyone has something to say about nappies.

ice hands said...

knit some

Anonymous said...

Re: cloth diapers
I have four daughters (the last two are twins), and I used the 'old-fashioned' pin ones for the 1st and the 'velcro wrap' ones for the others. If you are crafty and can make the absorbent parts, then you only have to buy the (somewhat) waterproof velcro covers and they do last a long time. I'm afraid that none of them are as leak-proof as disposables, so you may want to keep some around for significant occasions (eg. Christenings, etc.) Bonne chance!! You will love being a Mama!

Anonymous said...

My opinion is-- old fashioned fold em yourself cloth diapers with rubber pants and pins are bomb proof! Way better than disposables any day!

I had three daughters and two sons and as anyone can imagine, I changed lots and lots of diapers, and I relied solely on the old way of diapering. Never a leak, never a mess, and never a baby still needing diapers past 2-1/2 years, other than for night-time.

No matter what the babies did in their pants, the elastic bands on the rubber pants always held everything in. A quick wash every two to three days, and I had diapers again for another few days.

It was cheap, economical, and reliable. You'll never go wrong with fold ups! Great blog!