September 21, 2007

A little Friday check-in

Every once in a while it's good to reflect on the truly awesome things in life. I'm in an extraordinarily good mood, brought on by the golden weather, the peanut slab I just ate and the fact that it's nearly home time on a Friday.

Today I'm happy that:
  • I can feel my wee boy rummaging around in the bottom drawer
  • My new home is sunny and warm and cosy
  • All I have to do tonight is curl up with the Postie and eat his delicious nachos
  • My friends Jo and Ivan have had their second baby, a little girl called Pepper, and both Jo and Pepper are well
  • We bought a stroller in good nick in our price range this morning
  • Sweeney and Ange are going to visit this weekend and help sort through clothes for Tiny
  • I've beaten my fizzits addiction, and haven't eaten the entire bag Nigel gave me last weekend in one sitting
  • I'm not sick, or too tired, or have leg cramps, or a sore back, or varicose veins, or any of the horrors that apparently await me in the third trimester
  • I have a new computer at work with a very quiet keyboard that is a pleasure to type on, and I can watch video clips on the BBC, Sydney Morning Herald and Stuff like my job kind of requires I do
  • Almost everything that people have bought from me on Trade Me has been sent off
  • Almost all the chores on this week's list have been done
  • Did I mention my new house is sunny and warm and cosy? And there's a cute boy waiting at home for me with dinner?

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