September 17, 2007

Is it Monday already?

Oh boy, moving house is tough. I had envisioned it all being over by now, but we are still dealing with boxes and mess and squeezing things into other things. The Postie moved boxes on Friday, the movers came on Saturday, we packed up other stuff on Saturday afternoon, and were taken out to a divine dinner at Logan Brown by the Postie's sister Elizabeth and her fiance Nigel - more about that later. We both slept fitfully amid the chaos on Saturday night, figuring out where everything was going to go. Sunday we cleaned Moffitt Street and kept unpacking at the new place, and when at 5pm Sunday when we were at the supermarche doing our first flat shop, I think I fell asleep while waiting in line. When the cooked chicken we had bought could not be found in the shopping bags on arriving home, I had a rather shrill 'exorcist' moment on the floor of our kitchen ... (luckily the Postie checked the car and found said chicken had fallen out of shopping bag, crisis averted.)

In an effort to get things done this week I am making my list a day early. It's rather boring housie things I'm afraid ... yawn:

  • get Tiny's room empty of our stuff to make way for cot and bassinet and chair
  • pick up cot and bassinet
  • finish the toe of Sweeney's Christmas stocking (which I should show y'all someday - it's embroidery on linen and at the rate I am going will be finished for Christmas 2010.)
  • visit Rose on Sunday morning
  • set up rent and joint account payments
  • continue hunt for good-sized tall boy for tiny boy's room
  • cook the Postie something spectacular for dinner on Friday or Saturday night
  • continue to grow baby
  • do yoga!
  • let Charlie out to peruse his new domain - hope he doesn't try to find his way back to Moffitt Street via the gorsey hills behind our new place
  • do some posts about things that aren't boring - bullet point lists of jobs do not an interesting blog make. I intend to post about Tiny's room as that takes shape, and the gloriousness that is our master bedroom...
  • Oh - and go to work and manage to belt out glorious stories for Saturday papers without falling asleep on my keyboard. Easy.


Kimberlee + Lies said...

glad your all moved in, or sort of moved in anyway. it's not easy and I see it looming in my near future.


so glad he found the chicken. sometimes it's the littlest things that are the most devastating. seriously.

kates said...

Happy to hear the chicken did not vanish into thin air. I can relate to the moving madness - it can be very unsettling. All the best in your new home.

Eve's Bijoux said...

The mobil was really fun to make. My one suggestion is to use inerfacing(sp?) Hope you like your new house.