October 10, 2007

This makes me more proud to be a New Zealander than a wee shiny cup

On Sunday when the All Blacks were unceremoniously thrown out of the rugby World Cup I felt quite sorry for the players, who are no doubt feeling totally humiliated by the whole thing. They've looked so sheepish and frightened in all the media reports so far, I guess they had the pressure of an entire nation on them to win win win. When they lost, I thought that NZers in their 1000s would be lining up to give them a good kicking. And some apparently are. I hear that on talkback radio there's some fairly vitriolic criticism of the All Blacks.

But this has restored my hope for NZ kind.

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Sarah Lee said...

Thanks for highlighting that video-clip: It makes me proud to call New Zealand my home.

I'm from the UK and have been living in NZ for ten years. I've always admired New Zealand for it's success in the international sports arena; especially considering the population size of the country.

However; I have often found the way some New Zealanders respond to defeat quite sickening. I've been at a game and seen 80% of the crowd leave before the game is over; when the result is obviously not going in favour. What about being fair losers and at least applauding the team for their efforts?

The All Blacks are incredible role models for so many young New Zealanders. Regardless of the outcome, they are incredible athletes and give so much of their time to a game of national pride.

As spectators it is equally important to be good role models for our young - be gracious in defeat; stay and have a commiseration drink!