December 10, 2007

Does this make me Mrs Claus?

Hot, hot Santas
Yesterday, the Postie, Bramwell, Melzer, and Mike did the Tour de Peak - a mountain bike race involving riding all the tracks on Makara Peak mountain bike park. They did it in teams - the girls Bramwell and Melzer and the boys P and Mike - with the boys dressed in what can best be described as asbestos/fibreglass Santa suits. P even had a sleeping bag cover inside his suit full of lollies to scatter, many of which I ate before the race even started.

About half way through his run, the Postie came through the finish line area, whacked his bike upside down and fixed something then fled off back into the park with bits of Santa suit trailing behind him. Someone said something obvious like, 'you must be hot' and in a high squeaky voice, the Postie said, 'yes, it's quite warm'. It was a haltingly humid hit 27 degrees. By the end, his suit was in tatters, the crotch of his santa shorts were ripped into a skirt. Very manly, Santa.

He and Mike finished their bits in 1 hour 37 and 1 hour 40 respectively, and came third in their class - they're veterans don't you know... Bramwell and Melzer came in a bit later, but Bramwell made an unexpected appearance at the finish line without her bike, wondering where the hell one of the tracks started - appears it had a 'wrong way' sign posted at the start of it and she was a bit confused.

Just as P returns from a quick dip in the creek after finishing his race, Bramwell crosses the line.

The piece de resistance was when Bramwell and Melzer's names were drawn out of the hat to win a child's seat that fits onto a grown-up's bike, called a Wee Ride. They generously gave it to us - so Tiny and P can go for rides together.

A very nice day, though by the end of it I was craving bed and today even my eye bags have eye bags.

Nine days of work to go!


bramwell said...

hey - that's kind of mean

Kimberley said...

sentence removed to appear less mean.

bramwell said...


boys were third out of three and girls first out of one ... we need more people in the bluudy race