December 05, 2007


For a little while I was mulling over making an alphabet frieze for Tiny's room, but then general malaise came over me and it's been abandoned. I'm really rather good at getting excited about projects, starting them, then finishing them off months or years later. So I'm trying to finish things off one at a time, and at the moment I still have Bramwell's diary and a little purple for cardi for Tiny in the works at the moment, so an alphabet frieze will just have to wait.

But if I were to make one, this is how it would go:

A is for Aunties
Your aunty Ange is looking forward to "going nutty over my nephew" as she puts it, and you have aunties Elizabeth and Billy to meet, as well as a swag of non-related ones; Chris, Nat, Deb ...

B is for Baking
One of your mum's most mumsy activities. If you're lucky I'll let you lick the spoon.

C is for Charlie
The black and white furry thing that sleeps a lot. He's a hit with the neighbourhood kids, and even let nearly two-year-old Leo poke his eyes out the other day before adult intervention was required. You and Charlie will be great pals.

D is for Dad
You're going to like your Dad, the mountain-biking artist and maker of things, with the crazy kilt-striped car.

E is for Early Nights
What Mum and Dad are into right now. However, the downstairs neighbour is not.

F is for Fishing
What you and Dad will probably spend some time doing. It's also for France, Mum's most favouritest place where the good cheese comes from.

G is for Golf
No pressure my love, but if uncle Matt takes you under his wing, you could be the next Tiger and make us all very rich.
H is for Holiday
A song by Madonna that Mum likes to do the housework to.

I is for Ireland
You are part Northern Irish. Like Liam Neeson and George Best.

J is for Josh
Your godfather, the tall smiley guy whose car keys you may be able to borrow when you're old enough.

K is for Kimberley
She's that person that you hung around in for nine months, kicking her bladder.

L is for Love
Which you get heaps of.

M is for Monique
Your godmother, the one whose job it is to teach you to rebel against authority, question the government and never take no for an answer.

N is for No
A word you may hear a lot of when you're a kid.

O is for Oyster catcher
A bird with a long, red beak and silly walk. Your Dad doesn't believe they catch oysters at all.

P is for Phnom Penh
One day we'll go there and ride motorbikes around the city. I promise I won't crash.

Q is for Queen
On Mum's birthday, she is one.

R is for Roskill (Mt)
Where your Graham Grandparents live, and where you'll hopefully spent lots of time running around doing kid stuff.

S for is Sweeney
He's your cousin. He's a pretty cool dude. You'll like him.

T is for Tokoroa
Where Mum grew up. This makes her very staunch indeed.

U is for Universe
and underwear and unicorn and umbrella. All good things.

V is for Vanya
Your nana. She thinks you're awesome, though she would use other words. Grandad thinks you're awesome too.

W is for Wellington
Where we live and where you are going to be born. It's nice.

X is for Xanadu
A very silly film in the 1980s starring Olivia Newton John.

Y is for You
You are awesome.

Z is for Zebra
A funny striped horsey thing.


esmerelda said...

That is the best A to Z I've ever read. Thanks for the smile, K.

Anonymous said...

E for Early Nights -

Don't worry, you will have your revenge. Then neighbour will want early nights. Heh heh heh