January 17, 2008


Tiny is sucking the life out of me, putting the final (hopefully) touches to his body before he's born. It's a week until D-Day and I seem to have ballooned even more than I thought possible over the last week, he's like a basketball stuck up my top. I've had to lean over quite far to see my feet in the above picture. Today I don't even have the energy to drag myself through the process of getting dressed - it's much easier to sit here and type haphazardly into my laptop with frequent breaks. I'm sure by the time I actually do get dressed, it will be bed time. The lethargy is not helped by how hot it is, or at least, how hot I am. I can feel warmth coming off my body like a heater. At least it's not just me. Even the cat can't be bothered looking up.

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