January 18, 2008

Past Lives :: Or What I Did With Myself Before Blogging and Babies Came Along

The Postie and I have been putting together a book for Tiny kind of chronicling what awesome individuals we are so when he's 16 and he hates us and thinks we're old fuddy duddys we can show him how cool we really are.
I've been thinking a bit as I lie on the couch trying to figure out what I'm craving, about my past lives, and who I've been and things I've done before now. In my time, I've been a check-out chick, a salesperson in a hardware store, picked blueberries in New Zealand and grapes in France, worked in the film and TV industry back in the 1990s before Wellywood was born, been a published poet, answered phones at more government departments than I care to remember, and more recently become a journalist. I came to travelling late (I was 25 before I ventured outside our shores) but have racked up a few overseas adventures, and now I'm going to be someone's mother. I've had more re-inventions than Madonna. Almost.
So I'm attempting a new series, if you like. Past lives. Stay tuned.

The plaid shirt years - clapper loader on William Shatner's Twist in the Tale 1997-8


The Shopping Sherpa said...

I came to travelling even later - my first trip out of New Zealand was for my 30th birthday. I moved overseas 6 months later but that's a whole other story..

Melissa said...

hey- that last photo is so great! i loved 'twist in the tail'- how cool that you were involved.