May 12, 2008

How we have grown

top - Harper at three days old
bottom - Harper at 93 days old
Hasn't Harper grown? And his mother shrunk?


kates said...

super cute!!

Lisa said...

Much improved all round, a bit on the pale side though...


Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

93 days old?! How?!

Looking good Postie and Special K :)

Beth up North said...

You guys look fantastic. This is the perfect picture set up for seeing beautiful Harpers growth (not to mention the nice shrinkage mum!). Keep it up, I wish I had such a clear record for my family. And remember, the first four months are the biggest Grind (and you will forget the tough stuff first!).

parl said...

the postie is a lot paler as well

kimberlee & Lies said...

What amazing pics! Your boy looks like he's quadrupled and you have lost all your preggy chub!!!
You look very happy, sweet.