May 25, 2008

Who needs Noosa?

We've just spent five days up in Plimmerton, a wee village by the sea bordered by Porirua and SH1. We rented a NZ Post house and went to sleep with the sea gently lapping in our ears. We went for walks most days, the Postie played tennis with a pal, we went to dinner at a friend's house one night and out to a restaurant another. We were blessed with glorious weather, it came in through the ranch slider and warmed me as I knitted on the couch listening to Nat Radio. We shopped at Savemart where I found a chocolate brown hoodie that has become indispensable, found an English-Maori copy of The Cat in the Hat at the local Sallys, and Harper met some dogs and horses on a walk up the hill above the village. There may not have been any lorikeets or stingrays or nudists, but it was a lovely holiday and I have to admit I am a bit of a fan of Plimmerton now.


Nicki Natter said...

Wow! I can't believe how gorgeous Harper is!!!! Are you guys interested in setting up an arranged marriage?

Melissa said...

ohh- your plimmerton holiday sounds divine. and harper is one seriously gorgeous baby. sigh.