July 03, 2008

Top Five Things That Are Rocking My World Right Now

1. Getting a French copy of Le Petit Prince in the mail from these people
2. That my lettuces survived gale force winds and have actually grown a little bit
3. The noises he makes when you're this close
4. Going to see Kung Fu Panda with Harper and having him not make his pteradactyl shriek all the way through it
5. Falling asleep on the couch with Nine to Noon on the radio this morning


Anonymous said...

I lovvee Harper's expressions - he's such a cutie. Tell me, does Monique have a blog or something?

Lauren said...

Glad you liked it :) Sorry it was so late!

Kate Shuttleworth said...

Happy birthday cute sweeney and hello harper.

kimberlee said...

harper is so beautiful

was kung fu panda funny? I need to barrow a child so I can go see it with out feeling shame. :)