July 23, 2008

A giveaway

Craft 2.0 was on at the weekend, and I had a good time as per usual, but have to admit I have lost my jewellery mojo. I'm now more interested in making things for specific people - mainly sewing and knitting and cooking. So, sorry beads - I love ya, but it's time for us to part.

And in that spirit, I am giving away the above earrings to you my dear readers. All you have to do is leave a comment ... please no anonymous ones. Tell me what top five things are rocking your world right now and which pair of earrings you'd prefer.


homeperm said...

top five things rocking my world:
1) cher. esp. in her jesse james/extended wild west metaphor period.

2) ribbon. i can NOT get enough of it.

3) gossip girl series one.

4) avocado. it is the wonder fruit slash vegetable. and because it is green i feel healthy when i eat it. even if it is in a ham and cheese toasted sandwich.

5) the film festival. lame and predictable that i say so, but still it feeds my obsession with documentaries. which rocks my world.

am i a winner?

strong light said...

Top five things rocking my world right now:

1) sour cream and chive flavoured chips

2)the soundtrack to the Juno movie

3)orange roughy fish - why, oh why have I always stuck to gurnard?

4) eyedrops for my conjunctivitis

4) Lindt dark chocolate with orange. Yum-o-rama.

And heck I love the top earings

Mrs Govier said...

Five things....
1) the leftover spagetti Pablo made for dins last nite that I'm currently scoffing for lunch. Wow he can cook!!
2)the huge toilet bag we just purchased for my Mother for her b'day and impending European extravagganza, it's LARGE, fits everything but the bathroom sink. She loves carrying too much luggage so it will be right up her alley.
3)My sis coming back from Oz for a weekend which happens to be on mine and my Mum's b'day weekend.
4)The fact only have 2 more weeks of being 32, I CAN'T WAIT to be 33, WOOOOHOOOO
5)An architect is coming to look at our bathroom....we can't afford one but hey, whatcanyado?!


Te Araroa said...

My top 5 things:
1. The surprise of beautiful blue sky after days and days of rain.
2. Daffodils and fragrant earlicheer
3. Rooibos tea
4. Decluttering my house
5. Ordering seeds and planning my spring veg garden

All the earrings are pretty but I like the middle ones...

kamewh said...

1. Project Runway

2. Shear Genius (yes I am a Bravo addict lately!)

3. Planting trees in our yard

4. Organizing photos

5. Deep cleaning our house

I love all of the earrings- very hard choice but if I had to choose I would go with #1 first, then #2, and then #3 :) Thank you for the giveaway!

kathyo said...

1. My new found world of crafty blogs.

2. Elsie being diaper free!

3. Being able to run a certain distance without passing out on the couch afterward.

4. My dog finally growing up a little and not jumping up on people QUITE so much.

5. Cool give-aways that motivate me to be bold and make a comment.

I like them all!

Jenelle said...

1.Hearing my 7 yr old recite her 2x,3x,5x,10x, tables...shear genius!!

2.Wrestling with the cats each afternoon to get the best postion in the sun on the lounge floor.

3.My homemade lemon melting moments....melty and tart!!

4.Curled on the couch with hubby,answering questions whislt watching "who wants to be a millionaire",getting them right,potentially earning a fortune and spending it in our heads!!

5.Watching the "Green Wing 'DVD,s,laughing out loud at the fabulous writing and acting,wishing I worked in that hospital!

Love all your earings,especially the blue!
(say hi to Rich for me,love the gorgeous pics you post of Haper!)

Julie said...

Hmmm let's see, top 5 things rockin my world at the mo are:-

* Watching my gorgeous baby get chubbier and chubbier!
* Yoghurt and apricot biscuits that I can't stop eating, which are making me chubbier and chubbier!
* Knitting my shrug, it helps me to stay awake!
* Watching my hubby get beaten in a game of Barney memory by our 3year old (game taking place as I type...)!
* America's next top model...yes sad but true!

Love all the earings, but 1st and 2nd are more my colours if I am lucky enough to win...X

Beth up North said...

1.My little guy sleeping peacefully under his starry sheet in his big-boy bed.
2.Whitewater Kayak Slalom...after 20 years it's still a riot.
3.Becoming a "floortime" ninja for better play with (and development for) my son.
4.Raspberries ripening on the vine.
5.A letter from my old friend Rich, waiting excitedly for seretonin and time to conspire.

I'm probably too late for the give away, this is cool as I just like the excellent "comment magnet". But I would take any goodies that wanted to make the trek, they are all gorgeous.

Gina said...

top 5 things:
1. My babies laughing together. a recent development!
2. My husband making me laugh.
3. Trademe deals.
4. Jackie Brown diaries
5. Stevie Wonder tickets - there's a ribbon in the sky....

too late for the draw, but there you go anyway!