August 30, 2008

Adventures in Auckland

We've just come back from a week in Auckland - a week off from the daily grind of stay-at-home motherhood for me, and a week off from trudging through southerlies for the Postie. Harper is teething, and along with dribbling enough to irrigate the Sahara, he's pretty scratchy and needs me to be around ALL THE TIME. So it was great to hand him over to grandparents who seem to adore every utterance that comes out of his mouth, and Harper got daily walks in the warm spring Auckland air while I lazed in bed drinking tea and reading my book. Awesome.

Junior journos - Maggie's daughter Billie, Lauren's daughter Zoe and a little fella you might recognise - spawn of the Massey journo class of 2004

I have had a rather ambivalent relationship with Auckland all my life, but on this last visit, the difference between Auckland and Wellington became rather apparent. Maybe it was just that we had good weather up north, but the place was adorned with blossoms, magnolia trees in full bloom, lemon trees dripping with fruit, and Cornwall Park was chocka with lambs gambolling and posing for tourists. The night air didn't freeze my considerable nose off and I didn't even wear my coat once. It seemed like paradise. In fact one afternoon it was so warm I took off Harper's shoes and socks, and one morning we lay under the grapefruit tree in the dappled light.

Don't we look like the cover of a Woman's Weekly?

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Nomadic Emma said...

Yep, Auckland is a pretty cool spot I think. Even just for the fact that it is so.... still.