September 01, 2008

On parenting

I'm watching Harper on his playmat rolling over in fits and starts, reaching for things just beyond his grasp, dribbling on everything and then lying down to have a short rest. His little legs are in constant motion, he's attempting to get closer to a toy but can't quite get his knees up and get traction with his feet, but he's trying and I can't get over how different he is from a few weeks ago. He glances over at me with his cheeky grin, and tells the crocheted bunny in his hand something I don't understand. He's looking about his world with delight, reaching up to a flower, talking to a bee, giggling at his own reflection. And the main thing - he's not grizzling with sore gums.
I have had stink days being a mum, wishing I could go back to my old life for just one day, but I don't feel like that so much anymore. I was lying in bed in Auckland the other day with Harper happily having his breakfast in my lap, thinking how hard it was to get breastfeeding bearable for both of us and how easy it is now. I can now see how Harper fits into my old life, how that old life is enriched by his presence. I'm loved up on parenting.
At least I feel that today. Tomorrow when his teeth hurt and he can't bear me going to the toilet without him I may feel different.


Helen said...

Thanks for the lovely comment on Hsquared :)I know what you mean about craft as distraction.
I'd love to read your take on writing, go on!

sas said...

Lovely lady - you make me want to breed ;)

Nomadic Emma said...

Not me unfortunately - but it makes me so happy that wonderful people like yourself are taking care of the next generation for me.

Beth up North said...

Hello there, Miss Heading into Spring. So nice the winter is almost over for you. And Reflux too...what a nightmare. But hey, you made it. That is the beauty of the parenting thing, you make it, and you have good stories to tell. Plus there is always some point in the day where they are asleep and all the reasons it is totally worth is float to the surface. Keep on keeping on, Seasoned Mama, you're doing great.
ps LOVE the family pic!