August 06, 2008

A gratuitous post about how great Harper is

Yesterday was Harper's half birthday - it's been six months already and at the same time, only six months. You know what I mean? I was trying to remember our first day together at Wellington Hospital; snuggling in the bed together, getting breastfeeding started, meeting the grandparents, friends, dealing with the repercussions of birth on my body. It was a crazy day, the 5th of February. The sweetest things I remember were the sounds he made as we were wheeled from delivery to the ward at 6am that morning, and later that afternoon I put him on my lap so he could face me, and I watched in awe as his wee uncontrollable hands moved like kites above his head.
At six months, Harper is a good natured wee chap who likes to swing his feet, watch the Simpsons, have baths, eat pureed apple, sing the blues, be used as a bass guitar, look at himself in the mirror, talk to his toys, suck his thumb, have stupid faces pulled at him, hang out with the cat, stand up, be kissed around his ears, and lie on my lap.

He (fingers crossed) seems to have outgrown the reflux. I had a dairy splurge last weekend and nothing has happened, so I am tentatively back on the dairy. That reminds me, I must get to the supermarket and spend all the money I have on blue cheese...


Beth up North said...

Congratulations on arrival at the 6 month milestone! What an incredible journey, eh? Keep writing things down, because it becomes hazy so fast. Love your pics and descriptions. Very exciting to invite dairy back in. Babies sure are a lesson in priorities, and the good things in life. And managing the unexpected and unfun. You seem to be making it with flying colors. Enjoy the ride! (as much as possible).
Beth and Alex (who erased my first post, but says "Hi" and "Mommy, are we done now?")
ps Super excited for KimberBling!

Julie said...

Happy 6 month birthday to Harper!!! My little Lola is also going to be 6 months in a few days, can't believe how quickly it has gone! Glad to hear thta he is getting over his reflux, my son had that and it was a nightmare!

My gorgeous earings arrived today, thank you so much, I love them....X